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SC Reggae Jerk & Wine Festival

August 27, 2022

Article mentions The SC Reggae Jerk Wine Festival. Celebrating Jamaica's Jerk and Reggae Music with wine. Read all about it.



This Charity event benefits The Shelton Project, serving women and children, educating the Port Antonio community on awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and teaching girls and boys self esteem via Royalty Sparkle Shine Conference and Raising Kings Conference.


Value: $70.00. Online tickets have fees included.

Scotch Bonnet Admission $40.00        General Admission $25.00  

(Designated Driver $25    Young Adults $25.00 13 - 20)   Kids Ages 12 and under Free.

 No special activities for children. 

We have a General Admission Ticket and we do not have a specific "Designated Driver" ticket. Guests are being asked to apply the appropriate precautions and to Drink Responsibly, identify their own designated driver, and or use Uber or Lyft to get home.

                                  DRINK RESPONSIBLY                                   NO DISCOUNT PRICE FOR LATE ARRIVALS

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Festival Organizers accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for event cancellation or interruption because of inclement weather or other acts beyond its control. The Festival does not refund for cancellation due to inclement weather or other acts beyond its control.

Scotch Bonnet Ticket

This is an awesome three events bundled into one epic celebration of Jamaican Jerk foods paired with wine, Reggae Music experience. Both Jerk and Reggae Music were invented in Jamaica and this festival is an awesome way to experience jerk and Reggae together with a glass of wine. Enjoy a sample of Jerk chicken with a 3 oz sample of wine in a 9 oz commemorative glass upon entry to the festival. During the event enjoy another 50zs of complimentary wine, learn about the process of making jerk, how to pair wine with jerk, groove to live reggae music, experience Soca, purchase authentic Caribbean food, and arts and craft from the vendors. Enjoy additional wine by purchasing wine tickets. Be daring and enter the pepper eating contest, play dominoes Jamaican style.